Some Might Say is run by creator & editor Sahera Walker who also runs Indie Underground, an online music blog to support the DIY scene and upcoming psych rock, grunge, and post punk music. Full & extended articles from Some Might Say can be found below

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Issue Five

Wilkestock 2018 Festival Photography

Photo Gallery here


Strange Bones at Wilkestock Festival, by Sahera Walker

An Insight into the DIY Industry & DIY Labels

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Mice On Mars Live

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Issue Four

25 DIY Bands to Know

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Issue Three – It’s Only The Underground Revolution

Snarly and Vicious in nature, False Heads release new single Retina

Extended single review here

This Feeling Big In 2018; Anteros, The Surrenders, Calva Louise & Avalanche Party

Full features here & here

avalanche party sandy k moz

Avalanche Party playing for This Feeling (by Sandy K Moz)

Issue Two – Bands to Watch in 2018 special

Bands to Watch in 2018, featuring Anteros, Dirty Orange, Thee MVPs, Yonaka, YOWL, White Room, SHEAFS, The Blinders, LIFE, Avalanche Party, Naked Six, BREED, False Heads, The Wholls, The Velvet Hands, Arcades, Paves, Hotel Lux, 485C, Calva Louise, The Slumdogs, Strange Bones, LICE, & The Scruff

Feature here

Online Exclusive: 2017 Wrap Up Interview with False Heads

Interview here

False Heads

Some Might Say’s top pick for 2018: False Heads

Issue One – The Debut Issue

Band of the Month: Dirty Orange

Full feature and extended interview here

“I tried to interview The Scruff and all they wanted to do was push drugs on me”- their words not mine. Exclusive Interview with The Scruff


The Scruff, shot by Mollie Yates

Full interview here

The Americas Single Review: ‘Something’s Gonna Happen’

Single review here

Leading a new era of riotous anarchy and politicised punk: Interview with Strange Bones

Full interview here

Strange Bones Mollie Yates one

Strange Bones, shot by Mollie Yates

Truck Festival: The Highlights

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Faces of our Jarr’ed Up Generation: Interview with BlackWaters

Full interview here


BlackWaters, shot by Sahera Walker

Up The Fucking Gutter Press: Interview with Luke from False Heads

Full interview here