Issue Six Launch Party


False Heads, Arcades, JW Paris, Jerry & Special Guests

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Nambucca London – 596 Holloway Rd, London N7 6LB
Doors: 7pm
Tickets are £7, and Issue Six of Some Might Say will be available on the night, as well as exclusive zine badges and Polaroids, and merchandise from the bands



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Issue Five Launch Party X One Year Birthday! Purchase tickets now

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This time last year, Some Might Say launched itself as a new DIY zine, running launch party gig nights alongside each issue – this November 10th is our one year birthday, coinciding perfectly with the launch of Issue Five, which has seen the zine evolve into a psych rock magazine, illustrated with art and featuring an eclectic mix of new bands. This launch party features four of the UK’s best upcoming artists on the DIY post punk circuit. We have an incredible lineup…

Legss // Happy Hour // Luxury Apartments // Mice Ön Mars

Date: Saturday 10th November

Venue: The Five Bells, New Cross

Timings: Doors 8pm, live music and DJ sets until 2am

Tickets are £4 on the door, or you can buy them in advance for £3

Purchase Issue Five

Featuring exclusive interviews and reviews of the DIY psych rock & post punk scene, Issue Five of Some Might Say is an exploration of the arts and music underground, predominantly in South London, this limited edition zine featuring a plethora of the most exciting new DIY bands.

Featuring Lumer, Blue Bendy, FloodHounds, Happy Hour, Gently Tender, MOLD, Haze, Sorry, Frauds, HMLTD, & more



Limited Offer: Purchase Issues Two, Three & Four


Limited to eight only, the last remaining stock of Some Might Say (Issues Two and Three both sold out) are now on a flash sale

Purchase Issues Two, Three, and newly released Issue Four for £7.50 (saving of £4.50)

Featuring: Strange Bones, The Blinders, False Heads, BlackWaters, Lumer, Dirty Orange, The Starlight Magic Hour, Haze, Thee MVPs, Avalanche Party, Anteros, Milk Disco, Black Midi, HMLTD, Calva Louise, BREED, Naked Six, & more

*sold out*

Purchase Issue Four

Featuring the best of new new NEW music, Issue Four of Some Might Say features a plethora of the most exciting new DIY bands, under the underground rock scene.

Featuring interviews with bands such as Beach Riot, FREAKOUTS, Brainglue & Serene, gig reviews of The Surrenders, Avalanche Party & False Heads, artwork from members of Thee MVPs & The Starlight Magic Hour, and much more

Limited copies left, act quick!!



Some Might Say’s sole aim is to support new music, bringing together a variety of musicians and creatives within the industry. Have a look through the work of our incredibly talented photographers, and of course give the bands a listen

Issue One

The Debut Issue, October 2017

Promo snap

Issue One: SOLD OUT

Band List: Strange Bones, BlackWaters, False Heads, The Scruff, Calva Louise, Mummy, Wonk Unit, BREED, J.W. Paris, 485C, Strange Cages, The Americas, Sisteray, & Dirty Orange

Photographer List: Sahera Walker, Annie Warner, Sandy K Moz, Lindsay Melbourne, Alan Wells, & Mollie Yates

Issue Two

Bands to Watch in 2018 special, December 2017


Issue Two: SOLD OUT

Band List: Anteros, Dirty Orange, Thee MVPs, Yonaka, YOWL, White Room, SHEAFS, The Blinders, LIFE, Avalanche Party, Naked Six, BREED, False Heads, The Wholls, The Velvet Hands, Arcades, Paves, Hotel Lux, 485C, Calva Louise, The Slumdogs, Concrete Caverns, The Americas, Himalayas, Strange Bones, LICE, BlackWaters, Rosko, The Assist, & J.W. Paris

Photographer List: Phoebe Fox, Alan Wells, Lindsay Melbourne, Tom Bronowski, Annie Warner, Lewis Evans, Trust A Fox Photography, Luke Jones, Mollie Yates, Luke Marcus Nugent, Sahera Walker, Caffy St Luce, Rhi Harper, Rhona Murphy, & Simon Holliday

Issue Three

“It’s Only The Underground Revolution…”

issue three cover

Issue Three: SOLD OUT

Band List: False Heads, The Scruff, The Surrenders, Concrete Caverns, The Slumdogs, The Starlight Magic Hour, Arcades, Strange Bones, Table Scraps, Mummy, The Wholls, HMLTD, Avalanche Party, Anteros, Milk Disco, Calva Louise, Sistertalk, Black Midi, & Pleasure Complex

Photographer List: Mollie Yates, Rhona Murphy, Lauren McDermott, Anna Smith, Sandy K Moz, Alan Wells, Sahera Walker, Phoebe Fox, Tom Rowland, Annie Warner, & April Arabella

Issue Four


Issue Four: purchase here

Band List: Brainglue, PROJECTOR, FREAKOUTS, Stray Scene, SCRUBS, FloodHounds, Dirty Laces, Bad Lungs, Haze, Phobophobes, Lady Bird, Blue Bendy, Riches, Dead Coast, Lumer, Luxury Apartments, Cannibal Animal, MOLD, Sorry, Mōnk, Gaygirl, Mystic Peach, The Garden Party, Bad Girlfriend, Ulysses Wells, Concrete Caverns, The Surrenders, Avalanche Party, The Scruff, Serene, The Velvet Hands, Beach Riot, Monarchs, & False Heads

Photographer List: Daniel Stark, Eleanor Freeman, Derek D’Souza, Jessie Morgan, Neil Anderson, Graham Austin, Katie Willoughby, Annie Warner, Martin Peter McKay, Neil McCarty, Mollie Yates, Rob Blackham, & Caffy St Luce