Welcome to Some Might Say, a visual arts, photography, and music DIY zine focusing on post punk and psych rock music, with the sole aim of promoting and supporting grassroots bands, venues, and creatives. Some Might Say is an outlet for new underground artists, and the aim of the zine is to promote new music and introduce our readers to new bands, as well as the immersive and eclectic arts community around the country. Our aim is to spread the artistic and musical endeavours of such avant-garde creators through word of mouth, and the DIY press.


Some Might Say celebrates and supports the abrasive, unorthodox, and politically fuelled artists. We celebrate the unashamedly opinionated and evocative, who create their art to provoke and inspire, to fuel chaos and controversy

The scene is blinding right now, and this is fuelled not only by bands and musicians, but also by the writers, bloggers, photographers, promoters, and fans supporting it. Some Might Say brings the raw roots of DIY rock’n’roll to the forefront of the industry by producing a physical paper zine.

The magic of flicking through a DIY magazine whilst discovering the best, most fresh new music, will never die out, and Some Might Say thrives to keep this ethos alive

Go to gigs, support the scene, and spread the word. I hope you enjoy the content of Some Might Say

Sahera, Editor & Creator